A goof on the DWS “Frank & Ludwig” ads

If you’ve been to the Dallas Wind Symphony site lately you’ve seen the viral-style YouTube ad on the main page featuring “Frank and Ludwig” in a decidedly low-tech campaign.  I decided to try one myself but my devious sense of humor and irrepressible cynicism got in the way immediately.  The result is definitely NOT ready for prime time:

Update (09/02/08): Well, the guys in the DWS office loved the video much to my surprise, so I reshot the video and it is posted on the DWS main page now.

You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd…

SD 026

Just returned from a fascinating trip through the Great American Midwest.  We have now officially done South Dakota – been there, done that, got the cheap stamped brass Christmas ornament (we collect those).  It’s funny how the journeys Grace and I take always seem to take on a theme of some kind.  Something random happens and then we keep seeing related things again and again over the course of the trip…

We flew into Omaha and rented a nice Honda Odyssey van, picked up Dad & June and headed north; first to Sioux Falls and then straight west across the state to Deadwood.  Dad popped in a Roger Miller CD along the way and we enjoyed the music, especially his goofy-yet-philosophical “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd“.  Little did we know that not only would we hear the tune again playing in the streets of Deadwood, but that we’d actually be *in* a buffalo herd less than 24 hours later!

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Busy week coming (musically speaking)…

DWS - Fair Park FourthI get to do all my favorite musical things over the next week.  First, my rock band (The Fins) will be playing the next two Saturday evenings – June 28th on the patio at Mario’s, and July 5th at a new place – Little Pete’s on Lake Grapevine in Flower Mound.   Then we have our annual Dallas Wind Symphony July 4th concert at the Meyerson (An original fanfare I composed will be played in the foyer before the concert), followed by a special concert at Fair Park just before fireworks.  Finally, on Sunday July 6th, I’ll be jamming with the best local Irish musicians in the area at Trinity Hall.  Cool stuff!

Wedding in Vegas


Spent last week in Las Vegas, where my son got married.  On Tuesday we flew out and spent the day with CJ’s bride-to-be Carly.  We didn’t get to meet her when we visited CJ in Japan last fall, so it a nice to have a little time to get acquainted, especially before all the other family arrived and everything got more hectic.  They make such a cute couple.  On Wednesday, Grace and I separated from the group and visited the Grand Canyon by plane, helicopter and boat.  Magnificent.

On Thursday we went to Louie Anderson’s show (my ex-wife’s uncle).  He was wonderfully hospitable, meeting us after the show, then taking us all to lunch at House of Blues on Friday, then attending the wedding ceremony.  We spent the rest of the weekend tootling around Vegas with the kids and parents.

Getting married on The Strip in Vegas

My youngest son, CJ is coming back to the states in June to get married. Maybe getting married in a chapel on the Vegas strip isn’t your idea for the perfect wedding, but in truth it makes a lot of sense for a couple in the military stationed overseas. It’s quick and easy, since getting leave to come all the way back home can be difficult. It lets them actually get married in the states, which apparently simplifies some legal things. And it’s a reasonable compromise to deciding whether to get married in the bride’s home state (Massachusetts in this case) or the groom’s (Texas). So we’ll be at the Chapel of the Flowers watchin’ the kids git hitched. Then they’ll spend the rest of their honeymoon visiting parents and family in Arizona, Texas and Massachusetts. Welcome to the family Carly!

New Irish band on the way…

Since the breakup of Gallus left a hole in my life last year, I’ve been hoping to hook up with a new band.  Finally took the bull by the horns and got a new group going.  We’re calling ourselves Five Second Rule.  Rehearsals are going well, and it looks like we’ll have quite an eclectic mix of Irish, bluegrass, quasi-jazz and other genres.

Our first performance was with the Lone Star Wind Orchestra, performing Dan Welcher’s Minstrels of the Kells, a cool (classical) piece for wind ensemble that calls for an Irish pub band toward the end.  Be sure to visit the Five Second Rule MySpace page, and listen to the excerpt from that concert.

Thanksgiving Snub for the Kitty Hawk

Japan 196My son CJ had been looking forward to visiting Hong Kong over Thanksgiving, as the Kitty Hawk was scheduled to port there.  Unfortunately the Chinese government had other ideas and turned away the carrier group.  Nearly 300 families had flown over to Hong Kong to spend the holiday with their loved ones in the carrier group and were disappointed.  Here’s the link to the story on CNN:

U.S. commander ‘perplexed’ by China’s refusal of warship visit