I’ve discovered Facebook

I had heard about Facebook on and off for the past few years, but still had this impression in my mind that it was only for college kids and other juvenile hijinx.  Okay, I was wrong.  After hearing that my daughter had connected with a cousin of mine I decided to join up.

There, just waiting for me, were friends, family members, high school acquaintances, and lots more.  Both my *parents* were already there, which is a scary realization for a technophile like myself.  And there were many more Lovriens there than I’ve ever had access to.  So I started a new genealogy page there to link to my current Lovrien Genealogy site (http://www.lovrien.com).

This is going to be awesome.  If you’re on Facebook too, look me up!


Minor Alterations is a hit!

The piece I wrote last year for the Dallas Wind Symphony‘s Christmas concert is selling like hotcakes for the upcoming holiday season. It is easily the #1 best-seller from the Lovebird Music catalog this year. I was informed this morning that the United States Navy Band will be performing it on Dec. 5th. Have you heard it yet? If not, have a listen:


The idea started with an arrangement of “Pat-a-pan” that I did in 2006 as a demo of the capabilities of the Garritan Personal Orchestra sample library. Pat-a-pan is such a cool minor-key tune, almost Slavic sounding, and I wanted to slip some other Christmas-themed material into it, so I decided to transpose “Up On The Housetop” to minor. It worked out great and the arrangement was completed…

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Autumn in Wisconsin

WI 477

Great trip over the weekend.  The Lakeshore Symphonic Band played the world premiere of the march they commissioned last year.  Grace and I flew up and spent Saturday in Cedarburg, a beautifully quaint town in the throes of fall color.  Crisp and brilliant, we browsed the shops on the main drag and met friends and family for dinner before the concert.  The band played wonderfully and the piece was well received.  Went to the AleHouse in Grafton for an after-concert celebration.  Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of any of this… oops.  However, hope you enjoy the family pics of the rest of our trip!

Sunday morning we attended my cousin’s church, Church in the City, in Milwaukee.  A beautiful building and an excellent service.  Had a wonderful lunch afterwards with cousins and family before heading up to Manitowoc to visit the other side of the family.  Ended a leisurely Monday with a refreshing walk through the farm and woods.

A goof on the DWS “Frank & Ludwig” ads

If you’ve been to the Dallas Wind Symphony site lately you’ve seen the viral-style YouTube ad on the main page featuring “Frank and Ludwig” in a decidedly low-tech campaign.  I decided to try one myself but my devious sense of humor and irrepressible cynicism got in the way immediately.  The result is definitely NOT ready for prime time:

Update (09/02/08): Well, the guys in the DWS office loved the video much to my surprise, so I reshot the video and it is posted on the DWS main page now.

You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd…

SD 026

Just returned from a fascinating trip through the Great American Midwest.  We have now officially done South Dakota – been there, done that, got the cheap stamped brass Christmas ornament (we collect those).  It’s funny how the journeys Grace and I take always seem to take on a theme of some kind.  Something random happens and then we keep seeing related things again and again over the course of the trip…

We flew into Omaha and rented a nice Honda Odyssey van, picked up Dad & June and headed north; first to Sioux Falls and then straight west across the state to Deadwood.  Dad popped in a Roger Miller CD along the way and we enjoyed the music, especially his goofy-yet-philosophical “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd“.  Little did we know that not only would we hear the tune again playing in the streets of Deadwood, but that we’d actually be *in* a buffalo herd less than 24 hours later!

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Busy week coming (musically speaking)…

DWS - Fair Park FourthI get to do all my favorite musical things over the next week.  First, my rock band (The Fins) will be playing the next two Saturday evenings – June 28th on the patio at Mario’s, and July 5th at a new place – Little Pete’s on Lake Grapevine in Flower Mound.   Then we have our annual Dallas Wind Symphony July 4th concert at the Meyerson (An original fanfare I composed will be played in the foyer before the concert), followed by a special concert at Fair Park just before fireworks.  Finally, on Sunday July 6th, I’ll be jamming with the best local Irish musicians in the area at Trinity Hall.  Cool stuff!