CJ & Carly’s wedding montage video

Had some fun with my video editing software this weekend. Here’s a rockin’ fast-paced look at CJ & Carly’s wedding week in Vegas. I haven’t figured out how to letterbox the video on YouTube, so the aspect ratio is skewed.

Wedding in Vegas


Spent last week in Las Vegas, where my son got married.  On Tuesday we flew out and spent the day with CJ’s bride-to-be Carly.  We didn’t get to meet her when we visited CJ in Japan last fall, so it a nice to have a little time to get acquainted, especially before all the other family arrived and everything got more hectic.  They make such a cute couple.  On Wednesday, Grace and I separated from the group and visited the Grand Canyon by plane, helicopter and boat.  Magnificent.

On Thursday we went to Louie Anderson’s show (my ex-wife’s uncle).  He was wonderfully hospitable, meeting us after the show, then taking us all to lunch at House of Blues on Friday, then attending the wedding ceremony.  We spent the rest of the weekend tootling around Vegas with the kids and parents.

Getting married on The Strip in Vegas

My youngest son, CJ is coming back to the states in June to get married. Maybe getting married in a chapel on the Vegas strip isn’t your idea for the perfect wedding, but in truth it makes a lot of sense for a couple in the military stationed overseas. It’s quick and easy, since getting leave to come all the way back home can be difficult. It lets them actually get married in the states, which apparently simplifies some legal things. And it’s a reasonable compromise to deciding whether to get married in the bride’s home state (Massachusetts in this case) or the groom’s (Texas). So we’ll be at the Chapel of the Flowers watchin’ the kids git hitched. Then they’ll spend the rest of their honeymoon visiting parents and family in Arizona, Texas and Massachusetts. Welcome to the family Carly!

Wedding FAQ


My march Texas Star was featured as March of the Day on WRR-FM 101.1 last Friday.  It usually gets played this time of year in conjunction with the opening of the Great State Fair of Texas.

Getting married this weekend; everything seems to be in order.  Looks like clear skies although it may be a little warm.  We sent out an email last week to everyone with directions and a Q&A section I thought was pretty cute…

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800 Simple Rules for Getting Married at the Dallas Arboretum

Well, it’s all about the wedding these days, of course.  We’re trying to keep it simple and straight-forward but it’s still a lot of work!  Our venue (the Dallas Arboretum) has many, many rules about what you can do, who you can hire, what you can serve (no red wine near their expensive rugs!), etc. etc.  It’s going to be great though.  We’re also planning a honeymoon right after – a 10-day trip through the Northeast to watch the change of seasons.  6 states, 8 hotels (including a houseboat), and as many sights as we can see.  We’re hoping for some genealogical stops too.