Take a look at LOOK Cinemas!

LOOK CinemasVisited the new LOOK Cinemas in Addison last night, courtesy of my son who’s an assistant manager there.  We had previously been to the Gold Class theater in Allen which was awesome but went out of business.  Gold Class reopened as an iPic theater, which is nice but not nearly as upscale.  LOOK offers multiple experiences, so you have your choice depending on your mood.  They offer:

  1. Evolution – a IMAX-style theater with a huge screen, often showing 3D, and Dolby’s top-of-the-line Atmos speaker system.
  2. The Lofts – slightly smaller theaters that offer full bar service after 5pm.
  3. Look and Dine – intimate theaters offering huge recliners, tray tables, and an upscale menu from Nick & Sam’s Grill (their restaurant is actually next door).  Lots of nice touches here, including self-illuminated menus.  Can’t wait to try this sometime soon.
  4. General admission – several additional theaters offer a more standard experience.

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