Frank & Ludwig, Chapter 3

Finally got the next “Frank & Ludwig” sock puppet video finished last night. Grace and her sister Laura chipped in and really helped raise the production values. Grace created a “Sally” puppet that is as goofy and loud as I imagined the character would be, and Laura provided the perfect voice and puppetry. Grace also engineered the horn prop we needed, as well as the initial idea for the story…


A goof on the DWS “Frank & Ludwig” ads

If you’ve been to the Dallas Wind Symphony site lately you’ve seen the viral-style YouTube ad on the main page featuring “Frank and Ludwig” in a decidedly low-tech campaign.  I decided to try one myself but my devious sense of humor and irrepressible cynicism got in the way immediately.  The result is definitely NOT ready for prime time:

Update (09/02/08): Well, the guys in the DWS office loved the video much to my surprise, so I reshot the video and it is posted on the DWS main page now.

Oh Wait… I Have A Quarter!


Torture a teen today!  More and more kids working in shops and fast food places simply can’t make change without mechanical help.  Poor dears.  I’m doing my little bit to help; won’t you?  When I’m at the counter paying cash I like to hand over my bill, pause just long enough for the cashier to punch it into the register, then say, “Oh wait… I have a quarter!”  Then the fun begins.

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Wedding FAQ


My march Texas Star was featured as March of the Day on WRR-FM 101.1 last Friday.  It usually gets played this time of year in conjunction with the opening of the Great State Fair of Texas.

Getting married this weekend; everything seems to be in order.  Looks like clear skies although it may be a little warm.  We sent out an email last week to everyone with directions and a Q&A section I thought was pretty cute…

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