The Ultimate Father’s Day

Old Pirwitz house, Rock Rapids IA

Just returned from an awesome trip to Iowa (and Nebraska).  First stop, the National Music Museum in Vermillion, SD.  What an awesome place – worth every moment and every penny to get there.  If you have any interest at all in the history of any kind of musical instrument, this place will blow you away.  And they are expanding!  It took us 3 hours to go through the collection on display, and that’s only 7% of what they own.

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Visiting the oldest Lovrien

FLA 079

Grace and I spent last weekend in Miami and Naples, FL visiting my great-aunt Gladys, the eldest member of the Lovrien clan, who will turn 96 next month.  She became the eldest earlier this year when her sister passed away at 101.  I sure hope I got some of them good genes!

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I was excited to find the domain available after many years – a distant cousin up in North Dakota had it all this time but did not have a web page published there.  Well, I’ve got it now, and I am happy to announce that Lovrien Family Headquarters is now online! 

I have set up a basic website and am currently working on some cool online genealogy software that will help us all track our Lovrien lineage.  I am also offering free email forwarding addresses (like for any Lovriens who would like one.

Honeymoon, Day 5

“Gravehunting on Friday the 13th”  Today was David’s big genealogy day, spent in eastern Vermont.  The first stop was East Topsham, where my 3rd-great-grandfather George Washington Lovrien is buried in a small family plot that was not as easy to find as we thought.  It is right off the highway but it is only visible for just a second as you drive past.  There are only about 15 gravestones here: George W. and several members of the Bixby family (George’s in-laws).  After George died at age 32, his widow Sophia and most of her children moved out to Iowa.  We also stopped by the farm that was once George and Sophia’s.

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