Off to Japan!

Just about ready to head to Japan to visit CJ.  We’ll be flying into Tokyo Narita airport and staying in Yokosuka for a little over a week.  We’ll get to check out CJ’s ship on Family Day and have several days afterwards to see the sights.  I may not be able to blog or post photos until we get back unless we can do it from CJ’s laptop.  But I’ll definitely post them and all our adventures.

I shipped my new march to the band in Wisconsin today.  I finally chose the title “Heartland Journey” after getting feedback from many friends and family, only to have my benefactors reject it.  The preferred “The Midwesterner” which is a pretty good title as well.  Click here to listen to a computerized playback.  This playback uses the Garritan Concert and Marching Band sample library, which is amazing especially considering its very reasonable price.  I’m a huge fan of their products.  More on this later.


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