A week in Japan

We are sleeping off our jet lag and organizing all the photos and video we got in Japan.  What a fantastic trip!  Click on the photos below to view the slideshows.  Once the slideshow starts, click the “i” in the middle of the screen for full captions.  We are still working on the full blog entries; check back soon!

Fire hydrant cover 2  Japan 418 Japan 211 Japan 326 Narita Express

Off to Japan!

Just about ready to head to Japan to visit CJ.  We’ll be flying into Tokyo Narita airport and staying in Yokosuka for a little over a week.  We’ll get to check out CJ’s ship on Family Day and have several days afterwards to see the sights.  I may not be able to blog or post photos until we get back unless we can do it from CJ’s laptop.  But I’ll definitely post them and all our adventures.

I shipped my new march to the band in Wisconsin today.  I finally chose the title “Heartland Journey” after getting feedback from many friends and family, only to have my benefactors reject it.  The preferred “The Midwesterner” which is a pretty good title as well.  Click here to listen to a computerized playback.  This playback uses the Garritan Concert and Marching Band sample library, which is amazing especially considering its very reasonable price.  I’m a huge fan of their products.  More on this later.