Visiting the oldest Lovrien

FLA 079

Grace and I spent last weekend in Miami and Naples, FL visiting my great-aunt Gladys, the eldest member of the Lovrien clan, who will turn 96 next month.  She became the eldest earlier this year when her sister passed away at 101.  I sure hope I got some of them good genes!

We were worried because she had taken a fall a couple of weeks before and was still in rehab after back surgery.  But we got there and she was as chipper as ever, excited to look through old photos with us and tell family stories.  We did that for 5 solid hours on Saturday, and then after a short rest she asked us to “break her out of jail” and take her to the main dining hall at the retirement home.  It was a bit of a production with the wheelchair, oxygen tank and all, but she really seemed to enjoy it and all her friends were glad to see “Glad” out and about.  And when I say friends I mean just about everybody in the entire complex, because they all know her and she knows every one of them by name!

I took quite a few pictures (click the photo above for a slideshow), I also recorded a short video of Aunt Glad inviting my Dad down to visit her:

In addition to the great visits with Aunt Glad and also my Lovrien cousins Joe & Sonna Trotzig (who live in the same development), we also got some time to take an air-boat ride in the Everglades and lay in the sun on Key Biscayne.  Excellent weekend!


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