Oh Wait… I Have A Quarter!


Torture a teen today!  More and more kids working in shops and fast food places simply can’t make change without mechanical help.  Poor dears.  I’m doing my little bit to help; won’t you?  When I’m at the counter paying cash I like to hand over my bill, pause just long enough for the cashier to punch it into the register, then say, “Oh wait… I have a quarter!”  Then the fun begins.

They stare at my quarter, then at the register, and then I get to watch the wheels start turning as they try to figure out how much change to give back now that the register can’t help them.  Sometimes I can almost see smoke coming out of their ears.  “Twenty dollars… and twenty five cents… minus fifteen twenty-three.  Are you kidding?!  Figure that out in my head?” I figure they just need some practice, and I’m more than happy to help with that.

And yes, I realize that not all the arithmetically-challenged people are under the age of 24.  But it’s just sad, especially when part of your job involves running a cash register.

We need to increase awareness.  Maybe we need a National “Oh Wait… I Have A Quarter” Day!


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