Boycott the Glen Rose Dairy Queen

We took a trip down to Wimberley, TX last weekend to visit Grace’s long-lost Uncle Bob & Aunt Cindy (long story, maybe another time).  Spent the weekend riding around his goat ranch on 4-wheeler ATV’s… lots of fun! 1000 acres of creeks, caves and cactus to explore.

WM 044

Oh, and please spread the word: Boycott the Dairy Queen in Glen Rose! Grace, her sister Laura and their mother determined on a recent visit that this location violates two of the most important requirements of a Texas Dairy Queen:

  1. They serve instant iced tea
  2. They do not carry Buster Bars

Update: Several visitors have reported that these problems have been corrected.  Glad to hear it.  This blog entry will remain, however, mainly because I’m so proud of the road sign graphic I made.

Neither of these transgressions would cause the health department to shut them down or even cause much of a ruckus down at corporate HQ, but they are nonetheless a slap in the face to any Texas Dairy Queen customer.  That just ain’t how it’s done, buckaroos.

Welcome to Glen Rose
Welcome to Glen Rose

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