I’m in the music publishing business

Well, I’ve decided to do this thing the right way once and for all.  For many years I had a “Compositions and Arrangements” page on my personal website, and now I’ve decided to start my own self-publishing company.  The company is called Lovebird Music – check it out!  I am currently in negotiations with my current publisher, Cimarron Music, to buy back the rights to my band compositions so I can sell them directly from the new site.  The folks at Cimarron are great people but I’ve decided that this is the best path for me to market my band pieces.  I will still have several sax quartets and things published with them.

The end of an era

MC Birthday Wreath-Laying Ceremony

Grace’s father, Harold Niemeyer, passed away last week.  He had been ill for a very long time, and as a stroke victim he was in many ways trapped in his body for the past 10 years.  Still he enjoyed life the best he could and I was glad to have gotten a chance to know him over the past couple of years.

The funeral service was very touching, and we had an Air Force honor guard at the gravesite.  Only afterward did I learn that bugler that played “Taps” was using an electronic device in the bell of the instrument to make the sound.  I had no idea these existed and it was very realistic – totally had me fooled.  Check out ceremonialbugle.com for more info about these things.