Made it through the holidays

The holidays were great – first my son CJ came through town, having just finished his Navy stationing in Norfolk and heading toward a training stint in Washington State.  When he’s done in April he’ll head off to Japan for 3 years to serve on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk.  Then Grace and I spent 3 days in Chicago with the Dallas Wind Symphony at the Midwest Clinic.  Great concerts, fun conference.  Then back home to do all of our Christmas shopping… on December 23rd!  All went well and Christmases with both families were fun and relaxed.

To start the new year, I’ve hung out my website design shingle at Lovebird Design.  I’ve done many websites over the years for organizations I’m involved with, and this will give my site-building skills a web presence of their own.  It’s just a part-time deal (like I need another job – yeah), but if you know me and would like some help with a website, drop me a line!