Honeymoon, Day 6

(by Grace) We slept in this morning and took our time packing up.  At 9:00 David phoned Kristi Mattingly, his genealogy buddy.  We haven’t looked it up to make certain the connection, but we believe she is his fourth cousin once removed.  Her father descended from George Washington Lovrien as well.  She’s the one who pointed us to his gravesite and old homestead site.  We enjoyed a nice long visit with her and her husband Kevin in their home on top of the world near Washington Vermont.  The view from their front lawn is stunning.  It’s a summer/weekend house—they teach at a boarding school in New Jersey I believe she said.  I was charmed by their retriever, Grady.  She is such a friendly dog!

Oct 14 014

Oct 14 001

 We said our goodbyes around noon and headed toward our next stop, Woodstock Vermont.  It’s a very picturesque town, and was swarming with people on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We ventured into Quechee, a town right next door, to see the Simon Pearce Glass factory.  This factory/store/restaurant is right on the river and the Quechee Gorge.  They have harnessed the falls from the river to produce their own electricity!  One can tour their hydroelectric plant, their ceramics studio, watch glass blowers at work, and see a rug maker in action at his loom.  We did it all of course.


Oct 14 008Falls, gorge & covered bridge in Quechee

We did not stop in Woodstock for a walk around the town. Parking was at a premium, road traffic was crazy and the wait at Simon’s place (less crowded than Woodstock) was over an hour.  We decided to drive on and eat later.We stopped in Bridgewater at a quaint little bakery.  It was virtually deserted and we soon found out why—half the power was out.  The proprietor offered what she had—some soup warmed on a gas stove and some meat pies, good warm or cold.  As we chose our meal, the rest of the electricity went and we sat and visited as we ate in the dim (not quite dark) by the window.  The place appeared to have been an old mill or something, so there was plenty of natural light.  It was charming and romantic and fun.

Kristi gave us directions on to Bennington, our lodging for the night, by way of the scenic route.  It was a windy back road highway like we love to travel, and gorgeous of course.  Along the way, I spotted one of the most humorous business names I’ve seen yet.  Severance Furs.  They were advertising sheepskin rugs and hats, but I’m guessing they had furs as well.  Talk about truth in advertising…  We stopped next in Weston, home of the Vermont Country Store.  If you’ve never visited their site on line, take some time one day and do it.  And of course, get to the store too—it’s fun to poke through everything.  They specialize in the practically-impossible-to-buy-anymore items we all remember from our childhood.  And some fun new stuff too.

It was near dusk when we left Weston, and we traveled on the scenic byway, marveling at Nature as we headed into the Green Mountains.  The sunset was glorious.

Oct 14 013
Sunset over the Green Mountains


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