Wedding FAQ


My march Texas Star was featured as March of the Day on WRR-FM 101.1 last Friday.  It usually gets played this time of year in conjunction with the opening of the Great State Fair of Texas.

Getting married this weekend; everything seems to be in order.  Looks like clear skies although it may be a little warm.  We sent out an email last week to everyone with directions and a Q&A section I thought was pretty cute…


Q: Your invitation said “No gifts please” – that was just a polite suggestion, right?

Grace’s answer: Your presence is your gift to us; we just want you to come and enjoy the evening.
David’s answer: Anyone arriving with a wrapped package will be turned over to Homeland Security agents for possible cavity search and the package detonated by a Navy EOD team.

Q: What the heck does “dressy casual” mean?

Grace’s answer: I complicated this issue way more than I meant to. Our idea was to have a cocktail party atmosphere, relaxed, fun, and informal. We want you to be comfortable but still look nice in the photos!
David’s answer: Grace told me what to wear. The rest of you are on your own.

Q: What time is the actual ceremony?

Grace’s answer: The ceremony will begin between 7:00 and 7:15. You can arrive anytime after 6:30, relax, have a drink and enjoy the sunset.
David’s answer: Arrive before 7 and you’re cool. By 7:05 you may have missed

Q: Will there be a sit-down dinner?

Grace’s answer: There is no formal dinner but there will be lots of appetizers and bite-sized desserts, along with wine, champagne, beer and soft drinks.
David’s answer: …so don’t be afraid to come hungry (unless you’re a really picky eater).

Q: Is Grace’s foot healed and ready to walk down the aisle?

Grace’s answer: The doctors say I am doing great and I am getting around just fine!
David’s answer: There is no aisle. Hard to explain. You’ll see when you get here.

Q: Did you hire a live band or a DJ?

Grace’s answer: The Arboretum has a restriction on live music, limiting bands to just three people, unplugged. We decided instead to put together our own recorded music. We’ve chosen beautiful romantic love songs recorded by various artists, including our musician friends. We hope you’ll dance the night away!
David’s answer: I’d trust a DJ about as far as I could throw him. And it’s gonna kill me to leave my sax at home, but it’s for the best.

See you next Saturday!
Grace & David


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